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First training began in 1993 and qualified in reflexology and swedish massage in 1994. Since then I have travelled around the country learning with the best teachers in their fields including Gerry Purves (Liverpool and London No Hands Massage) Mantak Chia (London Chi Gung) and Ross Emmett (Birmingham Emmett therapy).

7 advanced massage certificates including  the immersion year of No Hands, massage mastery 1 year and Deep Tissue. This enables me to work with clients to find the best possible combination of speed and depth for each individual. Specialist treatments such as structural release are very popular as people get up from the couch feeling taller, looser and moving more easily.

Advanced reflexology training with the AOR including ‘Linking Techniques’ trained with Pru Hughes, maternity reflexology, hand reflexology, working with meridians and chinese 5 element, chi reflexology – and many more. Now a lifetime member of Association Of Reflexologists, 30 years of reflexology practice and training.

Advanced Emmett Practitioner. This includes basic practitioner, full practitioner, and all 6 advanced levels of further training including training in person with Ross Emmett. Emmett is a magical treatment that can bring your core muscles back to coordinated function, massage the lymph system to give it a boost, relax the hamstrings, relax the neck/shoulders so that your head can turn again!

MSTR (scar tissue release) practitioner. Scar tissue can cause many issues, any abdominal scar for example can be the root cause of back problems. Joint replacement scars can restrict movement, c section scars – backache and abdominal pain the list goes on and on….

Advanced Aromatherapy diploma. Essential oils, looking at the differences in massage for aromatherapy and other types of massage (never a swedish massage!).

Qigong healing trained personally with Grandmaster Mantak Chia . Level 2 with Master Gadu Doushain .

Reiki healing trained to Master/Teacher and Advanced Reiki with Taggart King.

Practical Shiatsu intensive with the Zen school of shiatsu.

Additional Training

NLP Practitioner

Energetic NLP training with Art Giser.

Pranic healing .

Tai Chi with Colin Orr.

Taoist practice (includes qigong and tai chi) with Taoist Master Kris North to level 3.

Indian head massage.

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