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Reflexology is a blissful foot massage that may:-

Bring a sense of wellbeing,
Deeply relax
Reduce headaches and migraine *
Improve your sleep
Reduce back pain *
Encourage healing
With cancer treatment “provide relief from pain, nausea and anxiety” *
Relieve painful feet – feel like you are walking on cushions


.. is a soothing massage of your feet that has a relaxing effect on your whole body and has been shown to improve health. Using specific foot reflexes the therapist is able to influence your body. Some clients can even tell me exactly where I am working!
Your ‘reflex’ points on the feet are specifically massaged, linked up and held. Pressure can be light, medium or deep – I am trained in multiple techniques of reflexology.

Your Reflexology treatment.

I will ask you how you would like to feel after the session, do you need to deeply relax, gently chill out or walk away to a busy day? Music is chosen to match your outcome, please let me know any preferences you have.

I suggest your phone is on silent or turned off during the treatment to avoid disturbance. All you need to do is relax on the couch and receive. If you would like more pressure – or less please let me know and you will receive.

After the session you will be asked to walk about the room, this will help get your blood pumping again and help you wake up for a safe drive home. Pay attention to your body and notice 3 things that feel different – what has the treatment changed to help you feel better?

Your session lasts for one hour.

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is very safe to have during pregnancy and is wonderful to cope with all the physical changes your body will be going through.  My training includes the specialised Maternity Reflexology Certificate developed by midwife Suzanne Enzer.

I have had 4 children myself and found reflexology beneficial. It helped me relax and feel much more in-tune with my body.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your pregnancy before booking.