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Holistic, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Structural Release.

From gentle to digging in with deep tissue or sports massage this is where you will find details on the best massage for you.

With extensive training I can provide a massage of the speed and depth that best suits you on the day. Skills include light and gentle to soothe irritated nerves, very flowing and medium depth with a hypnotic quality and increasing weight/depth for those who like a really deep massage.

Loosen up with a structural release massage. This rocks and stretches the whole body working all the joints as well as massaging the internal organs – can be done gently if in pain – get up from the couch *feeling lighter *taller *looser *more balanced *reduced pain.

Relax with a nurturing massage. This can be a combination with pressure points re settting muscles (avoiding deep or sports type) the treatment is slower and medium or gentle depth. You will go into a deeply relaxed state with the muscles relaxing and stretching out. Get up slowly as your blood pressure drops and heart rate slows down.

Really ‘feel’ the massage with deep tissue or sports massage. This is not just for athletes! A deep massage that manipulates the muscles and connective tissues, increasing the blood flow and loosening up the whole body.

Massage oil used is a blend of fractionated coconut and jojoba oils, aromatherapy oils are optional. If you have allergies to the products used please let me know in advance so that other oils can be available.

Massage qualifications include the basic Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Sports/ Deep Tissue Massage, Practical Shiatsu, Advanced ‘Immersion Year’ No Hands Massage (TM), Chair Massage, Abdominal Massage and 1 year Massage Mastery Training with No Hands (TM). I am one of only 4 therapists with such extensive training in Norfolk. MSTR scar tissue therapy can be very effective on tight knots as an alternative to very deep tissue massage.

If this is your first massage and you are not sure what to ask for I suggest a ‘medium’ speed and depth to begin and let me know if you would like a change in pace or depth of massage.