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For physical problems I take a problem solving approach using all my skills, blending treatments together to get the best possible results. Contact me to discuss how I can help you. Examples below.

Stiff unbending knee replacements. Lady who after both knees replaced could not bend her knees. Years of NHS treatment (including forcibly bending knees under anaesthesia) and 1 year private physiotherapy had not helped. The treatment was a combination of scar tissue release where the scars were attached to the underlying tissues restricting movement, Emmett therapy to synchronize the core muscles then re set all the leg muscles. After one session the knees had started to bend, with ongoing treatment she is able now to bend one knee to 90° and the other about 80°.

Painful backs. This can have so many underlying causes. First we assess the core muscle (psoas) and if it is not working properly it is re set so this large essential muscle is again fully supporting and taking the strain off the back muscles. The sacrum, sacro illiac joint, piriformis muscle and hamstrings are all checked to see what is the underlying cause of the problem. Massage – structural to loosen up stiff spines, gentle to soothe irritated nerves, deep tissue where adhesions have attached to the spine as appropriate.

Neck pain and unable to turn neck when driving. The core muscles and balance are checked as they are essential for supporting the upper body. Investigate the neck and shoulder muscles and relax the tight ones with Emmett therapy. Structural release massage to loosen up the spine, open up the shoulders and work to release the neck. Get up from the couch with more movement in the neck and relaxed shoulders.

Broken bones requiring surgery. After the bone and surgery have healed people often find the area is stiff, painful and with a reduced range of movement, ankle breaks can leave swollen joints. The NHS provides exercise sheets but limited (or none) hands on physiotherapy.

Case Study. Lady with a bad break at the top of her arm that required surgery and a plate, leaving her with very limited movement in the arm which remained painful and an exercise sheet that was little help. She was unable to even lift a mug of tea to her mouth. Treatment over 3 months starting with Emmett therapy and MSTR scar treatment, moving onto including massage when able to lay on the couch. Pain went and movement increased steadily, at the end of 3 months the lady had changed from a desk job to one where she was active and lifting throughout the day her arm dramatically improved almost back to full use.