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Massage therapist Great Yarmouth Norfolk Reiki

Hi, my name is Zena Hayward –

and am very lucky to do a job that I love – helping people who are in pain and struggling to have less pain and move more freely.

How I got started.

 Had a reflexology session in  1991 with a relative and had such a wonderful healing response that I booked on the next available course and became a reflexologist. I also trained in swedish massage at the same time then went onto aromatherapy.

My training is ongoing as I love to learn and expand my knowledge. I am currently one of the most highly trained therapists in Norfolk with 7 advanced massage certificates (no hands massage) and advanced training in most of the therapies offered. Advanced practitioner in Emmett Therapy (6 levels of advanced training in addition to basic and full practitioner levels). In healing Reiki teacher/level 3/master. Qigong healing trained with Taoist Master Mantak Chia level 2 and Spring Forest Qigong Master Gadu Doushin again Level 2. I practice qigong every day. I also hold the practitioner MSTR (scar tissue release) certificate and include this specialised tissue release in treatments.

Currently working from home where I have a large treatment room equipped with a sturdy electric couch, electric warm under blanket and toilet facilities on the ground floor.