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Scar tissue in plain language is soft tissue that is now hard and unyielding. It restricts movement and can cause uncomfortable pulling on the scar area, back pain and indeed pain anywhere in the body. It can be as a result of surgery eg c section scar, knee replacement or injury eg torn muscle. Scar tissue then can build up around the site, attach to connective tissue that goes all through the body causing ‘pulling’, pain, restricting movement and blood flow.

What is MSTR?

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR®) was developed to address the need to release scar tissue, it is a gentle technique that can soften and significantly improve any scar. It involves a precise movement to the scar from the therapist fingertips improving blood and lymph flow. Generally the scar will soften, ridges will smooth out and the scar will blend more into the surrounding skin. Working in layers the therapist can soften and release down into the muscles and connective tissues, this results in less pain and a greater range of movement.

Who can this treatment help?

This treatment is very effective to assist in recovery from joint replacements and broken bones where there has been surgery including plates installed. In these cases the scar and build-up of fibrous tissue can restrict movement. Combined with Emmett Technique to relax/reset the muscles MSTR is very effective at getting people up and moving again.

Scars and Trauma

MSTR recognises that there is an emotional aspect to scars as they can relate to a traumatic incident, people may hate or feel disgust towards their scars, touching them may recall an accident, trauma behind self harm scars etc. By treating the scar the emotional aspects can be released as the scar blends again back into the body. Clients have reported that ‘flashbacks’ to an accident are much reduced after having their scars treated.

You can download a free Ebook by Alastair McLoughlin HERE. This short book explains more about scar tissue and gives some examples of real people who have had MSTR treatment. Watch the video below from Alastair too see how the treatment is performed.